Throwing Oil Lamps with Ribbon Handles

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Course overview
  • Author: Arlana
  • Level: Advanced
  • Video Time: 28:23 minutes
Course Overview
Not quite a closed form, but darn close!
and.... what about those fancy ribbon handles???

Today I will show you how I throw these lovely yet functional Oil Lamps. You could also use this design to hold a candle... or you could also add a pump for liquid, such as hand soap.

I start with 1.5 lbs of clay for these beauties...
I had some brass wicks, but have ordered some ceramic ones as I think they will be easier to get and to fit to the pot.

I "pull" these handles the same way as I do for my mugs, but make them considerably longer and thinner. 

You will need:
Pin Tool
Small Container of Water
Wood rib with a flat edge
Metal rib for shaping
Wick with Stopper (can be ordered on Amazon)

Our students love us

Arlana is a great teacher! What an amazing experience and I had great results!
WEndy langfield
So much fun! Wonderful step by step instruction  :)
cara garnett
I really enjoy working with clay. Excellent Instruction!
Ann Kessler
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