How to RECLAIM your
left-over Clay

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Course overview
  • Author: Arlana
  • Level: ALL Levels
  • Video Time: 36:38 minutes
  • Exams: X
Course Overview

Clay is expennnnsive! 
and nobody wants to waste even the smallest amount...

In this video, I will show you some great tips and tricks to reclaim all that sludge from throwing and all those bits from trimming so you can give that clay a second... or third... shot at becoming your next masterpiece! 

*These Free Tutorials are informational only and do not represent the structure offered in the PAID classes

Our students love us

Arlana is a great teacher! What an amazing experience and I had great results!
WEndy langfield
So much fun! Wonderful step by step instruction  :)
cara garnett
I really enjoy working with clay. Excellent Instruction!
Ann Kessler
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