How to Create a Zebra Striped Bowl

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Course overview
  • Author: Arlana
  • Level: Novice
  • Video Time: 36:38 minutes
Course overview
I love this stripe pattern... on a bowl... a mug... a candlestick!  It looks great on a variety of shapes and any contrasting combination of colors!

You will need:
Masking Tape
Pin Tool
Medium Fan Brush
Small Container of Water
Your Chosen Colors

My favorite glaze combo for this design is:
2 Coats of Amaco Snow
2 Coats of Spectrum Matte Black

Our students love us

Arlana is a great teacher! What an amazing experience and I had great results!
WEndy langfield
So much fun! Wonderful step by step instruction  :)
cara garnett
I really enjoy working with clay. Excellent Instruction!
Ann Kessler
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